Prometo pegar más fotos de ‘gadgets’ para total geeks. (Mi nueva colaboración en Pop Mechanics está resultando harto divertida).

Hasta ahora he encontrado un Mind Molester, and I quote:

A devious hide-and-seek game

The Mind Molester is an instrument of creative electronic harassment. It is an electronic device that can drive your victims a little crazy trying to figure out what it is and where it’s located. Your friends/enemies will become obsessed, awaiting the next chirp trying to determine its location, completely disrupting their normal activities.

Un anillo abre botellas:

Oktoberfest tested, drinker approved.

This is the real ring Gandalf was looking for. A simple band of stainless steel holds a secret – a secret which could topple regimes . . . of thirsty people. Slip the Ring Thing on your “social finger” (or #4, if you know our Binary Finger shirt) and you are ready to tackle any mob of the “unquenched.”

No more searching through your desk drawer for bottle openers.

Y, porque usté lo pidió: your own private R2

I know you’ve been waiting for this—don’t deny it. Finally, R2-D2 can be yours, in your own home, and for only $119.95. Fully functional, R2 can roam around and obeys over 40 voice commands (please refrain from asking him to project Obi-Wan please).

Me declaro fan de estas personas.

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