Parece que era un tipazo este psicoanalista. Por lo pronto, el tipo habla de la mente humana como de un libro: un lugar en el que converge la paradoja de la soledad acompañada; el lector que comparte el ‘espacio’ con el escritor y el propio libro.

Aquí un acercamiento a la fantástica paradoja creativa que contempla Winnicott:

Contrary to simplistic models of the dialectic, in which opposing factions seemingly “come together” in synthesis, the paradoxes maintained in the third space insist that there be no resolution or “transcendence” between the contradictions and complements of subject and object, internal and external. When the potential space is polluted, that is, dominated too strongly by one side, there is no creativity, no play, no space for subjective ontological experience, and compliance comes to characterise the subject’s limited experience of the world.

The potential space is therefore not only a source of creativity for the possible realisation of subjective ontology, but, because of the difficulty inherent in the acceptance of paradox, it is also the source of a terrifying anxiety. Often, when this fear is too great to enable the positive experience of paradox, subjects are unable to act creatively and simply comply with the object, or discourse, that dominates and threatens to overwhelm them.

Qué suerte encontrar una analista que crea en este método.


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