El IMDB se politiza

Buscaba información para un artículo de la peli de Oliver Stone sobre el 9/11; en su lugar encontré una discusión divertida, veamos cómo la sociedad gringa se despacha solita:

Re: It was actually UFOs that hit the Trade Center…


i must be bored. i can’t believe that i am adding a reply to this ridiculous thread.

i don’t know how people can make sick jokes while the world is on a path to destruction. call me paranoid…i still say i’m being realistic. 9/11 was the start of WWIII…

some people think it started last week.


third world war was fought against the third world since the end of the second.
this here my friends, we are talking about is the fourth world war. where everybody will be going against everybody. mark my words.
this is the apocalypse…

You’re all retarded.

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