Viajes con Herodoto y el buen Kapu

Como mi memoria apesta, para recordar cada viaje debo vincularlo con un libro. Jordania fue Jerusalén de Gonzalo M. Tavares.

Sudáfrica es “Travels with Herodotus” de Ryzard Kapuscinski. Para una que aspira a nunca ser turista en tierra visitada, Kapu es un gran transporte. Justifica esta locura de viajar para visitar los grandes zoológicos humanos pues, como Herodoto, piensa que sin nuestro reporte, toda esta memoria se irá por el caño del tiempo.

“Herodotus sets himself a most ambitious task: to record the history of the world. No one before him ever attempted this. He is the first to have hit upon the idea. Constantly gathering material for his work and interrogating witnesses, bards, and priests, he finds that each of them remembers something different –different and differently.

Moreover, many centuries before us, he discovers an important yet treacherous and complicating trait of human memory: people remember what they want to remember, not what actually happened. Everyone colors events after his fashion, brews up his own mélange of reminiscences. Therefore getting through to the past itself, the past as it really was, is impossible. What are available to us are only its various versions, more or less credible, one or another of them suiting us better at any given time.

The past does not exist. There are only infinte renderings of it.

Travels with Herodotus, Ryzard Kapuscinski, Vintage, 2007.


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